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2019 business tech trends to keep an eye on

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At the start of each year, businesses will be forecasting tech trends they need to keep their eye on for the 12 months ahead. Security will absolutely be at the forefront of tech professionals’ minds this year to prevent 2018’s data breaches. Innovation in tech was also extremely prevalent in 2018, so expect that to carry over into 2019 and beyond. We have put together three of the top business tech trends we predict will be important this year.

business tech trends

business tech trends

Artificial Intelligence

Siri, Alexa, smart phones, home assistants and cars all offer sophisticated tech at the fingertips of the consumer and now businesses will really feel the benefit of AI in 2019. AI was everywhere in 2018 but will be making huge inroads with things like analysis and predictive maintenance this year. With the correct use of Artificial Intelligence, your business may be able to save bags of time and money by taking routine procedures off your hands.

New tech is even breathing fresh life into established software such as barcode scanning. Many businesses are already adept in using this sort of technology, but with the latest innovations allowing you to generate new barcodes and manage sales order fulfillments with a couple of clicks, this will take many businesses to the next level. Making sure there’s a better partnership between AI and humans will only lead AI to work better for your business – making sure collected data is consistent is key.

Contactless cards

This is the tech that has been established and developed in countries such as Canada, Australia and the UK for many years. The first version of the contactless card in the UK was introduced by Barclaycard way back in 2007. But US banks will now introduce this technology on a larger scale in 2019, bringing music to the ears of tourists, consumers and businesses alike.

Businesses across America with the latest card reading terminals will be ready and willing to accept these new contactless payments. The sheer scale and complexity of the financial market in America has made it difficult to make advancements in card technology, but 2019 is the year we see the ‘tap and go’ approach to making payments emerge in the US.

Cloud computing

Dave Bartoletti, Vice President of American market research company Forrester, says cloud computing is: The best way to create the compelling software experiences that your customers demand and your competitors fear.” He also predicts that spending for the cloud in 2019 will rise as businesses invest in different tools.

Cloud computing has been around for many years, but has now become increasingly popular for businesses because of its reliability and accessibility via the Internet, no matter where you are. The cloud cuts down on the cost of hardware, can help with disaster recovery and your supplier will take automatic software updates off your hands. Not only this, but the beauty of remote servers means you can work from anywhere with the security of knowing if a laptop is lost, your work and data isn’t – but if you do lose a device, you can wipe the data from it so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. There are a myriad of advantages that come with cloud computing and 2019 will see the take up rate skyrocket.

None of these trends are far-flung – they’re real changes that will affect the businesses of companies right across America in 2019. It’s important to be aware of what’s changing, what you need to do as a result and what, if any, opportunities and challenges these present if you’re to thrive in the next 12 months and beyond.



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