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2017 to see a rise in cyber attacks on cloud services, IoT devices: Symantec

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Higher instances of attacks on cloud and Internet-connected devices are likely in the coming year as cyber criminals evolve their approach towards accessing enterprise and consumer data, security software maker Symantec today said. ”Given the significant shift towards cloud-based storage and services, the cloud is becoming a very lucrative target for attacks. The cloud is not protected by firewalls or more traditional security measures, so there will be a shift in where enterprises need to defend their data,” Symantec Director Solutions Product Management APJ Tarun Kaura said.

He added that attacks on cloud could result in multi-million dollar damages and loss of critical data. ”Given the consistently changing security landscape, it’s important to take a moment and determine where the security industry needs to focus their attention as we move into the next year,” Kaura said unveiling Symantec’s security predictions for 2017.

Highlighting the proliferation of devices connected to the cloud and Internet, he said the shift toward “modern workplace” where businesses allow employees to introduce new technologies like wearables and virtual reality will continue. “Enterprises will need to shift their focus from safeguarding end-point devices toward protecting users and information across all applications and services. They will have to look beyond computers and mobile devices for vulnerabilities,” he said.

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