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It’s 2017 so SAP’s added a Siri clone and machine learning to ERP

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SAP has updated the cloud edition of its in-memory S/4HANA ERP suite and tacked the word “Cloud” onto the end of its name.

The new S/4HANA CLOUD is a little mis-named as the previous version of S/4HANA could already run in the cloud (since 2015, thanks for asking) and SAP would happily sell you a subscription to the software, as is the way in the cloud.

What’s new this time around is editions for different vertical industries, among them finance, professional services and enterprise management.

All have received a nice annual upgrade that adds project management capabilities and lots of little tweaks. 2017’s must-have items – a Siri clone and machine intelligence – have been added, too. The latter means the apps can do things like recognise different invoices come from the same supplier. There’s also a Siri-like “SAP CoPilot” which one can ask to do things like produce lists of recent interactions with a particular customer. For now CoPilot needs you to type queries. SAP says CoPilot needs to work on its listening skills: voice queries will arrive “eventually”.

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