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2017 cloud computing headlines show upside, hurdles for CIOs

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2017 cloud computing headlines show upside, hurdles for CIOs

2017 cloud computing headlines show upside, hurdles for CIOs

2017 cloud computing headlines show upside, hurdles for CIOs
Multi-cloud, the AWS outage and serverless computing all made their way into SearchCIO’s most read 2017 cloud computing headlines.

2017 cloud computing headlines show upside, hurdles for CIOs. CIOs are moving to the cloud in force. They’re also running into some thorny problems and want to learn how others are dealing with them. Just take a look at SearchCIO’s 2017 cloud computing headlines: One was about untangling the mess of cloud services organizations are now relying on; another was on pitching the economics of cloud to C-level executives. One focused on the common problems IT organizations face when deploying cloud, and another highlighted the undoing of cloud migration: moving from cloud back to solid ground.

These headlines called attention to red-hot trends such as serverless computing, an unexpected adjustment in market research outfit Gartner’s ranking of cloud providers and why cloud remains atop IT execs’ investment priorities.

They’re the 10 most-viewed cloud stories on the site this year, and they’re listed below. So without further ado — SearchCIO’s top 2017 cloud computing headlines.

10. ‘Cloud computing challenges today: Planning, process and people’

This video, filmed at Cloud Expo in New York in June, gets takes from three cloud experts on what trips people up in the cloud today. Ed Featherston, vice president and principal architect at Cloud Technology Partners, said companies don’t do enough planning. Sumit Sarkar, chief data evangelist at data integration vendor Progress Software, expressed concern that data is getting harder to access as companies plug more technologies into their cloud architectures. And Accenture managing consultant Greg Bledsoe said companies moving to the cloud need to work in wholly different ways: “Companies are still managing their cloud infrastructure as if it were physical infrastructure.”

9. ‘Function as a service, or serverless computing: Cloud’s next big act?’

Serverless computing takes away the laborious tasks of provisioning and managing servers, putting a new emphasis on code. “All you’re doing is writing your software code and then you’re packaging it and you’re letting someone else worry about whether the environment is ready for you,” said Kuldeep Chowhan, a principal engineer at Expedia, which is among a growing number of companies using the cloud service. Unlike other forms of cloud, users don’t have to spin up virtual machines. There are cautions, though. For example, it won’t work in every computing environment.

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