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100% Literacy: Or What if AI Could Fix Our Broken Educational System?

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AI Educational System

AI Educational System

AI Educational System- No shortage of articles and reports describe the many problems we face daily as Americans: immigration, natural disasters, wars, racism, sexism, and shootings. It’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of crises, paralyzing to even contemplate what do to next. Worse, we can fall into the trap of negativity, overwhelmed by all that must be done to fix our problems.

However, there’s one challenge we don’t talk about enough: education. “It’s a huge problem in the U.S.,” the founder and CEO of Learning Ovations Jay Connor told my coauthor Neil Sahota and I during an interview for our upcoming book, Uber Yourself Before You Get Kodaked: A Modern Primer on A.I. for the Modern Business. “Less than 50 percent of our children are reading at grade level, and if you’re dealing with high-need or high-poverty populations, in some locations, like our schools in New York, it’s below 20 percent.”

Before we continue, let those numbers sink in for a moment. Less than 50 percent of our kids are reading at grade level — and in some places it’s as low as 20 percent. How can this be true in America, a country possessing the world’s largest economy? According to Science Magazine, “Reading and writing are among the most important skills in today’s information world. Yet, according to the National Assessment of Progress, more than one one-third of children in the United States lack fundamental reading skills.”

Like many of today’s challenges, fixing our educational system feels insurmountable, largely because it’s often viewed as a political problem. To many, the recent tension between the left and the right over the Supreme Court nominee indicates our country’s difficulties finding non-partisan solutions to our many problems. But what if the answer to our education problem has nothing to do with politics? What if the answer is as simple as changing our mindset from “This can’t be fixed” to “This can be fixed?” And what if artificial intelligence can help us do it?

Before discussing how groundbreaking AI can change the way we educate our kids, let’s talk about how illiteracy damages lives. “Third grade is the bench mark. If you’re not reading successfully by the end of third grade, you are consigned to be behind the rest of your life,” said Connor. “You’re six times more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system, to have poor health outcomes and obviously poor economic outcomes.”

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Article Credit: Forbes

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