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10 Salesforce Resolutions to Get in Your Best Business Shape

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Happy New Year! Can we still stay that?

We’re almost 30 days into 2016, and whether you’re testing out a new fitness routine or resetting your business goals, January is always a good time for a fresh start. Do you have new business ideas and a plan for the upcoming year? At Salesforce, we reset goals with our V2MOM’s annually so that we can create alignment across the company.

As a Salesforce veteran, I thought I’d provide a little inspiration with the top 10 resolutions we’ve heard most from small business owners. I hope you find them useful!  You may already be putting some of these goals into practice, while others may still be on the back burner. Either way, it’s always good to revisit your list and focus on what will be the most effective strategies for growing your business in the year ahead. Feel free to tweet, download, print, and share these cards, and get ready to get in your best business shape in 2016.

1. Grow my business. (Tweet this!)

2. Be more productive. (Tweet this!)

3. Work smarter, not harder. (Tweet this!)

4. Build better sales pipeline. (Tweet this!)

5. Quit manual data entry. (Tweet this!)

6. Stick to a regular forecasting routine. (Tweet this!)

7. Connect with old customers and make new ones. (Tweet this!)

8. Increase value for my customers. (Tweet this!)

9. Clean up my contact list. (Tweet this!)

10. Recruit top talent. (Tweet this!)

Want to learn more about how you can get in your best business shape? Join us on February 11th at 11 a.m. for our Salesforce Fit Webcast, featuring Colleen Stanley!

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