Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Regardless of industry, it seems that nearly every business is asking the same question nowadays: How can artificial intelligence help us?

Google Trends data shows that searches for “machine learning” — a common application of AI that enables machines to process and learn from data inputs — have skyrocketed over the last several years. It’s clear that businesses are eager to get their hands on this technology, which promises to increase efficiency and productivity.

Of course, with all the hype around AI and machine learning comes a few key misconceptions about how it can be implemented and leveraged. We asked members of the Forbes Agency Council to help clear things up and explain some realistic, beneficial ways agencies can use AI.

1. Improve Team Efficiency 

Besides AI ad tech, which is still a developing space, using AI to help company talent get their projects done faster and better has been our greatest benefit so far. In the interim, we are able to learn more about how AI, natural language processing, machine learning and big data tools interact internally before applying externally in the wild with a good sandbox environment. – Sunny Patel, TRENDS DIGITAL – Social & Digital Advisory for Corporates

2. Enhance Customer Communications 

Chatbots leverage natural language processing, simulating a live chat experience and allowing customers to have a conversation with the brand. Infinitely more cost-effective than staffing a 24-hour customer service team, the AI programs answer customers’ questions and serve up the relevant response in a conversational way. – Keri WitmanCleriti

3. Understand Breaking News And Its Sources 

The best use of AI today is in understanding breaking news and information, and the source of information. That knowledge should be used to better understand how those key constituents engage and their preferred content formats. This enables a level of personalization and relationship-building that can be used to sell products, forge relationships and build brands. – Peter ProdromouRacepoint Global

4. Streamline The Customer Experience 

As a brand experience company focused on live programs, we’ve used AI to create voice-activated content for audiences attending live events, conferences and tradeshows. Session content, wayfinding and FAQs can all be programmed in and activated by attendees who ask questions and get customer responses. This type of application can translate to any point-of-purchase scenario. – Chris CavanaughFreeman

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