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BIG DATA INDUSTRIES-It has been a widely acknowledged fact that big data has become a big game changer in most of the modern industries over the last few years. As big data continues to permeate our day-to-day lives the number of different industries that are adopting big data continues to increase. It is well said that when new technologies become cheaper and easier to use, they have the potential to transform industries. That is exactly what is happening with big data right now. Here are 10 Industries redefined the most by big data analytics-



Most elite sports have now embraced data analytics. In Premier League football games, cameras installed around the stadiums track the movement of every player with the help of pattern recognition software generating over 25 data points per player every second. What more? NFL players have installed sensors on their shoulder pads to gather intelligent insights on their performance using data mining. It was analytics which helped British rowers row their way to the Olympic gold.



Hotel and the luxury industry have turned to advanced analytics solutions to understand the secret behind customer satisfaction initiatives. Yield management in the hotel industry is one common use of analytics which is an important means to tackle the recurring peaks in demand throughout the year in consideration with other factors which include weather and local events, that can influence the number and nationalities of guests checking in.


Government and Public Sector Services

Analytics, data science, and big data have helped a number of cities to pilot the smart cities initiative where data collection, analytics and the IoT combine to create joined-up public services and utilities spanning the entire city. For example, a sensor network has been rolled out across all 80 of the council’s neighborhood recycling centres to help streamline collection services, so wagons can prioritize the fullest recycling centres and skip those with almost nothing in them.



The costs of extracting oil and gas are rising, and the turbulent state of international politics adds to the difficulties of exploration and drilling for new reserves. The energy industry Royal Dutch Shell, for example, has been developing the “data-driven oilfield” in an attempt to bring down the cost of drilling for oil.

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Article Credit: Analytics Insight

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