Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Companies are increasingly turning toward the cloud and need to hire workers who can help them get there. Here are the top 10 cloud positions in demand, some of which may surprise you.

Non-Retail Sales Supervisor

Available Jobs: 1,500
Hiring Difficulty: 81
Median Salary: $88,700

Supervisors who oversee sales representatives, who sell cloud-related products and services, and handle such tasks as assisting their team in selling high-performance cloud computing server, storage, and data center solutions, as well as software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service subscriptions.

Info Security Analyst

Available Jobs: 5,500
Hiring Difficulty: 91
Median Salary: $131,800

Information security analysts assess and provide advice on a company’s cloud infrastructure and its networks and systems security. They address security requirements in cases were data is migrated to public clouds.

Computer And Info Systems Manager

Available Jobs: 6,000
Hiring Difficulty: 55
Median Salary: $140,300

Computer and information system managers may find themselves faced with managing their company’s proprietary cloud-based platform and network of cloud based providers and payers. Other tasks may include a role where they are directing a team to delivery cloud solutions that may increase the enterprise’s presence in the cloud market.

IT Project Manager

Available Jobs: 7,000
Hiring Difficulty: 92
Median Salary: $126,150

IT project managers may find they are responsible for bringing together an organization’s information technology, cloud efforts, corporate engineering, and other product areas at the company. In other cases, this role may call for driving IT projects across a variety of technologies, including the use of cloud computing technologies.

Computer User Support Specialists

Available Jobs: 7,500
Hiring Difficulty: 80
Median Salary: $62,000

Computer support specialists may find themselves nudging users to realize the full benefit of the cloud to deliver their workloads, including business critical applications, data, and traffic. They may help customers navigate operational challenges of cloud computing.

Sales Manager

Available Jobs: 8,500
Hiring Difficulty: 79
Median Salary: $137,700

Cloud sales managers are tasked with using a company’s marketing database and cloud solutions to create, build, and extend relationships with customers. In cases where the sales manager works for a cloud company, this role also relies on handling such areas as negotiating contract renewals with the company’s installed base of cloud clients.

Computer Systems Engineer

Available Jobs: 14,000
Hiring Difficulty: 92
Median Salary: $146,050

Some companies are looking for cloud computer systems engineers to contribute to the design and development of cloud computing technologies and to help accelerate the company’s business, including cloud services.

Network And Computer Systems Administrator

Available Jobs: 15,000
Hiring Difficulty: 86
Median Salary: $109,500

When it comes to cloud computing, network and computer systems administrators are in high demand. Employers tend to look to these cloud professionals for the planning, architecture, innovation, and maintenance of the internal network, and to provide cloud solutions between and within each data center. In other situations, the job may entail running a company’s cloud backup and recovery product.

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