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10 Best CRM Tools for Small Business

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Best CRM Tools

Best CRM Tools

Best CRM Tools- Small businesses need to be as dynamic as possible in order to be successful. With limited resources and a small team of staffers, small businesses are always on the lookout for waysBest CRM Tools- Small businesses need to be as dynamic as possible in order to be successful.  to maximize efficiency and output. They need to consistently identify inefficiencies in their process in order to work as effectively as possible. Increasingly, software is one of the first things that small businesses turn to for increased efficiency—and in particular, customer relationship management (CRM) software. With a strong CRM system in place, a small business can operate like a large one, and a small team can achieve the output of a team many times larger.

But what does a CRM solution do, and how does it benefit small business? Let’s start with the basics. It provides your business with a single repository of contact information. Each contact in the database—leads and customers alike—has their own contact page, and all the details about that individual and their company are stored there. It also tracks all your opportunities back to these contacts. All of that information is collaboratively updated by everyone who uses the system. Some solutions integrate with marketing automation and customer support solutions, and in those cases the system stores even more data. Some CRMs even provide those capabilities out of the box, which is a great benefit for small business. We’ll dig into this below, as we cover the 10 best CRM tools for small business.


  1. Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides the most extensive feature set among the top 10. That’s because it is more than a customer relationship management solution. Agile provides a complete, end-to-end business management solution, delivering full CRM and sales enablement features, along with a full marketing automation suite and a customer support module, all in one platform. With Agile CRM you also get an open API that lets you integrate many third-party applications with the core system, so anything you can’t do out of the box can be accomplished with a widget. Plus, the system is fully mobile-ready.

Agile’s sales suite offers over 50 sales automation features, including customizable deal tracks, gamification to increase sales, and many more. It’s CRM capabilities include a complete 360-degree contact view, and even built-in telephony. It delivers marketing automation features such as landing pages, forms, lead scoring, drip campaigns, email marketing and social CRM. You also get a customer support module, with help desk ticketing, service level agreements, dedicated help desk groups, and more. You would expect this large feature set to raise the price significantly, but Agile CRM offers a free package for up to 10 users. You get additional contacts and added features with the “Starter” package for $8.99/user/month, making it one of the best CRM tools for small businesses.

  1. Nutshell

Nutshell claims to be the “CRM your sales team will actually use.” The price of the system and the service provided makes it a good option for small businesses. The system provides basic CRM features, such as contact interaction tracking, reporting, task management and so on. What sets Nutshell apart from the competition—according to the company—is an intuitive interface and its ease of use. Nutshell commits to having new customers up and running in less than 24 hours, whereas many CRMs require extensive onboarding and training before new users are ready to get to work. With Nutshell, you will sacrifice some functionality that you would expect from other providers, but you will get a system that’s relatively easy to use, which is an asset to small businesses. Their starter package begins at $19/user/month.

  1. Capsule CRM

You can get a free version of Capsule CRM, albeit with limited functionality compared to its fee-based solution. That free version provides you with up to 10MB of online storage, a 250-contact database and unlimited opportunities for two users. If you want to move up to the “Professional” plan, Capsule CRM gives you 2GB of online storage and 50,000 contacts for $12/user/month—which is a fairly large contact database for the price. With that plan, you receive essential CRM functionality, such as contact management, email tracking, and pipeline reporting. Plus, with that package you also have the ability to integrate with a number of third-party applications, which will enable you to use the system as a base from which to manage other parts of your business. The cost is agreeable to small business, so be sure to check it out when weighing your options.

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