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These Are the 10 Best Apps For Business Executives

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For business executives, not all apps are created equal.

The Application Resource Center (ARC) from Applause released its list of the best and worst mobile applications for business executives on Wednesday, based on a total of about 12 million reviews from iOS and Android users.

The applications were ranked on a scale from 0 to 100 with an average app quality score of 67.3. All apps included on the ARC’s list fit into five categories: “Communicate,” which includes messaging apps as well as those for language learning and translation; “Organize,” such as calendars and note-taking facilitators; “Work,” which help increase overall productivity; “Secure,” which is pretty self explanatory; and “Forecast,” because weather could affect business decisions like traveling and wardrobe.

“Organize” is by far the largest category, followed by “Work” and “Communicate.” The ARC includes mobile apps with a minimum of 1,000 total iOS and Android reviews, but in order for apps to qualify for the top 10, they had to have more than 100,000 reviews. The only category that didn’t make it into the top 10 was “Work,” for the simple reason that none of the rated apps received the required number of reviews.

Here are the ARC’s top 10 apps for business executives, and the only 10 with more than 100,000 reviews that scored above average:

  • ColorNote (93.0)
  • 360 Security (89.5)
  • Duolingo (88.5)
  • CamScanner (85.0)
  • CM Security (84.0)
  • Evernote (78.0)
  • Yahoo Weather (78.0)
  • Avast Mobile Security (75.0)
  • Mint (71.0)
  • Viber (67.5)

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