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10 Benefits Of Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Your Enterprise

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Looking at deploying a new CRM? Read these 10 benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM first!Microsoft_Dynamics_Logo

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful tool for businesses serious about sales and marketing If you’re looking at taking your sales operations to the next level then here are the top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and why it might be the right platform for you to use:

1. Everyone is focused around the customer

Microsoft Dynamics allows teams and individuals to share information on customer activity with focus on a high level of customer service!

Customer service teams can easily see what marketing activity has been sent to a customer whilst on the phone to them – as well as who in sales has been in touch with them recently. Similarly, a sales rep can quickly view the history of discussions logged between customer service and a potential client before making a prospecting call. Vital information that could make the sales call a lot more effective!

2. Measuring success for BETTER marketing resultsshareasimage (38)

Feel like you’re marketing spend is being thrown at activities without knowing what’s paying off? In fact, as John Wanamaker famously once said:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

Setting up marketing campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to track results and assign sales leads to specific campaigns. Results (or lack of!) can easily be analysed in the dashboard.

Understanding where your money has been spent and what your ROI for marketing campaigns are has never been easier!

3. The Outlook is good (and gets even better!)

Among the many benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM this is our favourite! It integrates seamlessly into Outlook, where you can manage your emails, relationships and processes in one place. Microsoft Outlook is already a powerful tool but with Dynamics it gets even better. Ops teams can be more productive and make better informed decisions.

4. Fully Customisable to suit your business needs

Forms and fields in Microsoft Dynamic CRM can be customised to suit your needs. This allows you to improve your processes and be more effective. Inflexible platforms that don’t adapt to fit your business can cause a lot of trouble and hassle in the long run.

5. Flexible Data Integration

Businesses can also manage other processes much better by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a range of third party apps that they currently use. This ranges from accountancy software to tools used for surveys, email marketing and much more.

6. Better protection with the highest level of data safetykeyboard-895556_960_720

Data safety is an critical, especially with a CRM.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM also include the fact that it meets the strict EU safety criteria for every member country, meaning your data is safe and secure.

7. Scalable as your business operations grow

Out growing a CRM tool and migrating to a future proof system is a lot of time and effort. The good news is Dynamics is built to cope with your growing demands through powerful work flows and forms that can handle large amounts of data.

8. Get social with customers and monitor online presence

Microsoft Social Engagement allows you to monitor your presence online and drive engagement with customers through a range of social channels. Social Media is growing in importance and is a vital way for getting closer to your customers. Find out more about Microsoft’s powerful social capabilities.

9. Always up to date

Microsoft invests very heavily in R&D to make sure you have the most up to date and effective tools. You can always be assured of having the latest features to maximise your business processes.

10. Immediate access to powerful data, anywhereglobe-1103890_960_720

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is cloud based and comes with a range of free apps to access information,

Teams can access vital data any time – whether they are travelling, working from home or in meetings.

There are many more benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but the above are the most important for an enterprise wanting to grow.

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