Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Samsung Electronics’ Connect Tag is the first of its kind to use the narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network and can be used to track pets, children, and personal items.


Samsung Electronics has launched a smart tag that uses an NB-IoT network.

The Connect Tag syncs with GPS and WPS, or Wi-Fi position system, for tracking.

It is IP68 water- and dust-proof, has a horizontal/vertical of 4.21cm, and is 1.19cm thick. It is optimal for indoor and outdoor use, Samsung said, including pet and children tracking, protecting personal items, and attaching to luggage.

Connect Tag consumes little energy and data, and a full charge will last seven days. An attachable ring will enable it to be hung on bags and key chains.

It also has an on-demand feature, where it will show its location and set times; while its geo-fence feature alerts users when it has left a set virtual zone.

It can also be synced with smart home appliances to turn on the light, TV, or the robot cleaner when close to home.

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